Paul Miller Trucking Helps Businesses Grow Paul Miller Trucking

Paul Miller Trucking Helps Businesses Grow

Find out what your business does better than any other business in your field and use that as a focal point. Customers want to know why choosing your business is beneficial to them, so there is nothing wrong with highlighting your skill set. If you can find a way to work it into your company […]

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Knowing the Occupation and Making the Choice Paul Miller Trucking

Knowing the Occupation and Making the Choice

Becoming a professional driver is a dream for some people. The ability to travel the world and see new and exciting sights is the motivating factor that compels a lot of individuals to put in the hard work and dedication to get the training done. While some think extensively about this career possibility, others do […]

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Showing Appreciation to Those Who Matter Paul Miller Trucking

Showing Appreciation to Those Who Matter

September 15th is the start of a new year for truck drivers around the country. Driver appreciation week is one small way people can take time out of their life and devote it to the happiness of someone else. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week was created so America could spend valued time to honor and […]

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Paul Miller Trucking Ensures Satisfaction

Paul Miller TruckingPaul Miller Trucking Incorporated (PMT) has over 35 years experience in the trucking industry. Not only does PMT give customers the best in service, it also provides customers with the best in hauling and merchandise care. PMT knows how much cargo means to each and every customer and that is why the family and staff at the company work to ensure that nothing is subpar when it comes to satisfaction in all capacities.

When the Miller family began the company with one truck and Paul Miller Sr. driving it, they knew that the future would stay bright for them. Continuing to grow steadily throughout all those years has enabled the family to put their best foot forward when it comes to setting the industry standard in terms of excellence. While the company has expanded since it began in Pennsylvania in 1978, the Miller family continues to remember where they started and knows that location is key.

Spring Grove, Pennsylvania, has always stayed the home for the company because Paul Miller Trucking is a valuable part of the community’s assets. Committed to keeping Spring Grove as the home base allows other companies to realize that PMT places family values first and this knowledge is worth more than any other trucking company can offer.

PMT works with customers to give the best overall experience possible. All the staff understands the importance of reaching out to customers as soon as they can and treating them with the utmost respect and courtesy. Expediting every call as it comes in ensures that no information is lost in translation and that everything a customer needs is accommodated. When working with the professionals of Paul Miller Trucking it is easy to notice the difference between superior care and the care offered by other companies.

Because all members of the PMT team are qualified and willing to answer any question and handle any need, customers trust and know that it does not matter the nature of the situation because PMT will do everything in its power to make it work. If a customer needs to change a route for a load that was placed earlier, PMT works hard to accommodate that request. Even putting in the extra time when customers place a last minute request is not enough to make PMT flinch.

The only goal at PMT is to make life easier for the customers it serves. With a mission statement to remain one of the safest carriers in the nation, PMT uses its cutting edge technology and expert employee development to create effective solutions to customer issues. The efficiency PMT uses to provide these seamless resolutions makes the job easier for everyone involved. From first contact and a quick response to efficient delivery and detailed billing, Paul Miller Trucking understands what customers want and does not hesitate to give it to them.

To keep customer cargo secure on the road, PMT places its focus on compliance and safety and this means lower risks and less liability to the customer. With a fulfillment to meet and exceed the standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, PMT has excellent systems in place to keep freight moving as safely as possible on the road.

Not only does PMT train drivers in the critical areas outlined by the Safety Accountability Initiative, it uses these seven areas to assist in the prevention of problems before they even occur.  Because of its extensive inspection policy, PMT ensures that all of the vehicles they have are completely functional and ready to take on the harsh conditions of the roads.

Paul Miller Trucking Provides Great Service

PMT is the ultimate place to go in order to receive the best in truck maintenance. The company provided maintenance for entire fleets of trucks as well as roadside assistance to people in need of help in the area. For any service request, Paul Miller Trucking has the means to meet the call and perform with outstanding results. With over 34 years of success in the industry and a proven track record of excellent customer service, PMT is ready to work with a single driver or a fleet owner.

PMT is equipped to provide the following services to customers:

  • Electrical Work
  • Wheel and Tire Repair
  • Trailer Repair
  • Welding and Fabrication
  • Transmission Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Engine Repair or Rebuild
  • Brake Repair
  • State and Federal Inspections

The full service truck maintenance and repair capabilities began back in 2012. When PMT began this operation it wanted to ensure that local companies had a place to go when in need of service options. Instead of outsourcing the work to unknown individuals and companies, Paul Miller Trucking decided to offer its help to those in the community and surrounding area.  The 24 hour maintenance option is available to any trucker within a 50 mile radius of the Spring Grove location. For seven days a week at any time of day, PMT will repair all makes and models of trailers for truckers who find themselves in a bind.

Growth is a crucial part to any company and PMT believes that the opportunities it offers to the drivers will continue to increase the value of the services it provides. As PMT finds new ways to expand on growth in operational arenas, the company thinks of ways to use that opportunity to make the customer experience better.

Having developed a powerful northeast customer base, new opportunities are continually increasing for the PMT team. With devotion to the area and dedication to the people it serves, Paul Miller Trucking strives to provide the best in cargo hauling. Since it has given optimum service to the Charlotte, North Carolina, area for years, PMT decided to open a terminal there in order to ramp up company energy. The pursuit of excellence demanded by the Miller family is what motivates the staff to come and work every day.

Answering the demand of all customer wants and needs makes PMT the best company in terms of what is expected in a hauling business. No matter what step of the process, PMT does what it can to accommodate each and every need of the customer. While growth and development could mean a reduction in the quality of service for other companies, Paul Miller Trucking uses growth to push itself to reach ultimate perfection every time.